1DogSports is the new platform to enter dog competitions of any sport, in any country.

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Our company has been serving a growing number of dog sports competitions since 2013.

2K+ Clubs served

Clubs use our solutions to automate the competition management

150K+ entries processed

Athletes use our online services to speed up their entries and access their competition history.

+48% 2016-18 growth

Our numbers related to various championships are growing strong

Do you organise dog sport events?

1DogSports is a complete online management solution for dog sport competitions.

It offers online entries, trials software, live results and much more:

For Organisers: Training Centers, Secretary Services, Event Committees, Kennel Clubs.

Multi sport: Agility, Canicross, Dance, Endurance, Mantrailing, Obedience, Rally, Retrieving and more.

Features: easy online entries, comprehensive member areas, powerful competition software, trial gamification, simple & easy content management, useful admin panel.

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